Accompanying senior citizens; a moral duty for the Jacques Gaddarkhan Group

Health Division GJG

The EHPAD situation in Guadeloupe

The demographic trend in Guadeloupe, linked to a natural decrease in growth on the one hand and to a shortfall in migration on the other hand, has resulted in an increasingly ageing population. Every year, the Guadeloupean population ages and decreases a little more.
Faced with an aging population and a growing demand for accommodation facilities, Guadeloupe is a poor relation and both the authorities and professionals from the construction industry and the health sector are looking for solutions.
The situation of the EHPADs (care and living facilities for dependent elderly people) in Guadeloupe, outnumbered compared to what is needed, has prompted the Jacques Gaddarkhan Group to react. It is quite naturally that GJG started its health division’s activity by building and operating a long-term care facility for functionally dependent elderly people, of which the structure as well as the services offered are of very high quality.


It’ s not for nothing if the slogan of the Bois Jolan Oasis, an EHPAD opened in 2014 and located in Saint-Anne in Guadeloupe is “A state of mind, a spirit of service”. The exceptional setting overlooking the sea and the very structure of the building offering large living spaces available to all, so as to facilitate interaction and exchange, are up to the standard of the services offered to the residents, whether permanent or day care residents.
The EHPAD of Bois Jolan offers care and support services to people over the age of 60, allowing everyone, regardless of their level of autonomy, to postpone the loss of autonomy while living in the best possible way. The staff of the Bois Jolan Oasis does all they can on a daily basis to enable the seniors of this EHPAD to engage in manual and cultural activities, whose sole objective is to help them feel good and unique while maintaining a social link and allowing them to evolve at their own pace, in a completely safe setting.
With a capacity of 90 residents, the EHPAD of the Oasis of Bois Jolan, whose occupancy rate is close to 100% day and night since its opening, is an example to follow for Guadeloupe where the accommodation facilities for seniors are lacking. There is no doubt that GJG has made a promising move for the future of the island and its population.

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In the words of founding President Mr. Jacques Gaddarkhan, GJG wants to thank its senior citizens for building and developing the region.
Choosing to give priority to the use of renewable and non-polluting energies to preserve the environment and reduce the carbon footprint so that future generations can have the promise of a better future is equally important for GJG – and Mr. Jacques Gaddarkhan refers to it as a moral necessity – as it is to do everything possible to offer seniors who have worked all their lives to improve the island’s daily life the accommodation facilities that are worthy of their merit. The group’ s Health division was born out of this willingness to help those who have given.
The group’ s Health division was born out of this willingness to help those who have given. Indeed, after the fire at the University Hospital of Guadeloupe, the relocation of the gynecology-obstetrics activity, including neonatology, to the polyclinic of Guadeloupe in Point-à-Pitre, allowed to continue the follow-up of patients, however in working conditions that were hardly adequate, and with the deadline for the construction of the new University Hospital of Guadeloupe scheduled for 2023, the creation of a Parent-Child Center at the Palais Royal des Abymes proved to be essential, in order to offer optimal working conditions to the nursing staff, and an adapted framework for the reception of mothers and their future babies.
Open since November 2017 and located in the Jacques Salin Regional Geriatric Center, this new 3,500-square-meter building will have its own maternity ward and will also provide accommodation solutions for mothers who need to stay with their newborns in need of special care. The maternity ward will have 130 beds, a reception area for gynecological and pediatric emergencies, as well as 4 operating theaters with 4 delivery rooms and 2 pre-delivery rooms and a medical imaging department.

GJG has been assigned this construction through the company Sotradom. The project will be completed in the last quarter of 2020.